3 Way High Quality Hifi Crossover Network Frequency Divider Hifi in Butuan City, Caraga for sale

Audio and Video

- 100% Brand new and in the hiqhest quality.
- Modern design, attractive appearance, the best sound quality
- Crisp and clean high frequency outputs on the tweeter.
- Huge and tigh low frequency outputs on woofer
- Induction coils are enameled copper wire.
- Treble capacitance special high-voltage metalized capacitors little error ± 3%, high-voltage 400V
- Bass using normal capacitor electrolytic capacitors, voltage 100V.
Crossover Frequencies: 1000Hz / 5000Hz
Power Handling: 150w
Filter Circuit : Tweeter 12dB per octave
Woofer: 6dB per octave
Applicable impedance: 5-8Ω
Size: 9*7*3cm/3.54*2.76*1.18"
PRICE: Php 400.00 each
SHIPPING: Php 95.00 JRS / Php 185.00 LBC